Can’t get to the gym? Don’t use that as an excuse for falling behind with your strength training. This ultra-fast, super-effective strength and conditioning session can be conquered in your living room, backyard or local park – all you need is yourself. Sometimes, life gets in the way of a good workout. And when it […]

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Whether you have just started training for your first ever fun run or you’re an experienced distance runner, your body will benefit from striking a few yoga poses. Here, we explore how yoga complements your training, and share an easy sequence that you can do at home. WHY IS YOGA FOR RUNNERS RECOMMENDED? Pounding the […]

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With Apple Watch Series 3, you have a world of health and fitness possibilities right on your wrist. Instead of chewing up irreplaceable moments of your time on mindless games and social networks, start using apps designed by health experts to help you improve all aspects of your life. Question is, which ones should you use? Our […]

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