For years gym users have been pounding treadmills and ascending steppers only to have their workout data vanish as soon as they hopped off their beloved machine. At the end of a session there’d be a sea of cardio-lovers standing patiently reading through their key data and metrics, only to lose that information as soon as we departed for the weights area. Aside […]

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You’ve probably seen and heard the term HIIT (pronounced ‘hit’) thrown around a lot lately. It’s touted as one of the most effective ways to get the results you’re after – and with good reason. Over time, High Intensity Interval Training challenges your body and improves your overall performance. But for many, the concept of […]

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Have you ever resolved to live healthier or make better lifestyle choices, but didn’t stick with it? Despite the best of intentions, re-wiring our brain to adopt a new behaviour is no easy feat. If you’ve ever set a big goal, you’ll know the rush excitement – your enthusiasm is high and you just can’t […]

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