You’ve probably seen and heard the term HIIT (pronounced ‘hit’) thrown around a lot lately. It’s touted as one of the most effective ways to get the results you’re after – and with good reason. Over time, High Intensity Interval Training challenges your body and improves your overall performance. But for many, the concept of […]

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Have you ever resolved to live healthier or make better lifestyle choices, but didn’t stick with it? Despite the best of intentions, re-wiring our brain to adopt a new behaviour is no easy feat. If you’ve ever set a big goal, you’ll know the rush excitement – your enthusiasm is high and you just can’t […]

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Whether you’re a sprinter or play a sport that requires you to move quickly across a court or field, improving your explosive strength will improve you as an athlete. The measure of explosive strength is known as your rate of force development (RFD) – that’s how quickly you can produce force. An athlete that can […]

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