After hitting the gym, your body is primed to absorb nutrients from a wholesome post-workout snack. Eating the right foods can have a huge impact on recovery and how you pull up the next day, but choosing the right ingredients is key! Here’s your go-to guide for the best nutrients to help build muscle, and […]

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The sun is shining and the beaches are calling your name, so it’s time to shake up your fitness with this season’s hottest outdoor workout trends. FUNCTIONAL FITNESS (STILL) The functional fitness trend is here to stay and for good reason. This type of exercise trains your muscles to work in harmony (not isolation) whilst […]

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Sweating is the body’s natural cooling system, but body odours (BO) and large stains on clothing are an unfortunate by product. Luckily there are plenty of deodorants and antiperspirants to help reduce and eliminate these effects. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Body odour occurs from the bacterial breakdown of sweat. Deodorants work by eliminating or masking this smell, […]

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