What do you think?

  • Mikee

    RUNNING BEFORE WEIGHTS. I disagree with the author. I’ve had amazing results with weights following a long session on a treadmill. 30 to 45 mins on the treadmill gets your blood circulating around your whole body and very relaxed going into a bodypump or HITT session. I can definitely perform a lot better in those sessions that follow the treadmill. It’s a remarkable difference. Also I find a cardio day following a weights/class day difficult as the body often has some tightness and soreness which significantly impacts cardio. Treadmill before weights same day equals injury free cardio and weights.

    • Cat

      Same! Even running a little bit, like 5 to 10 minutes of getting your heart up, and doing dynamic stretching pre-weight lifting or sports can prevent those little injuries.

  • rbfx4x

    Yeh I used to do some 30 second Hiit spurts on the rower before lifting. Now if I think I need some cardio I just do a bit of heavy sled pushing at the end which is fun! :)