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No equipment doesn’t have to mean no results. This workout is designed to be accessible to you any time, anywhere. A full body workout that is guaranteed to elevate your heart rate, build lean muscle and open up key areas of your body such as the hips and upper back.

This workout is planned as a tri-set. Perform the first three exercises back to back with as little recovery as you need, and repeat for 3-5 sets. Then move on to 3-5 sets of the next three exercises.

You will be happy to find yourself in the final stretch after this one!


Transverse Reach to Lateral Reach
5 reps

Placing the majority of your body weight on your left leg, wrap your right leg around the back of your left, driving your left hip in the same direction as your right foot. Lightly touch the ground with your right foot, using control step your right foot out to the side into a lateral lunge before returning to the start position.  

Thoracic Bridge
5 reps

Lying flat on your back with your feet tucked in towards your body and your palms facing up, drive the hips up until they are in a straight line with your shoulders and knees.


A1: Lunge Step Through
6-8 reps each leg

Step back with your right leg into a reverse lunge position, driving off the front leg, step your right leg through into a front lunge, without touching this leg on the ground. Step straight back into a reverse lunge without touching your right foot on the ground and repeat.  

A2: Push Up to Stand
6-8 reps

Start in the push up position and perform one push up, keeping the elbows tucked in close to the body. Step one leg, then the other through and stand up, before returning to the top of the push up position.

A3: Curtsy Lunge
8-10 reps each side

Standing on your left leg wrap your right leg behind your left placing the majority of your bod weight on your left leg. Push the left hip away from the body to get a nice hip opening at the same time.

B1: Single Leg Bridge
6-8 reps each side

You can lie flat on your back or position your upper back on a bench, and place your working leg directly in the middle of your hips. Open your palms up and drop your hips down to the ground before forcefully pushing off your working leg and extending your hips up.

B2: Side Plank to Fallen Triangle
3 reps each side

Set up in a plank position with your bottom hand directly underneath your bottom shoulder and your top shoulder stacked on top with your top arm straight up in the air and your feet stacked on top of each other. Bringing your top hand down to the ground, take the leg of the same side across and through your body, once again stacking the shoulders on top of each other.

B3: Half Kneeling Windmill
3 reps each side

Set up in a split stance position with both knees at 90 degrees and your back knee on the ground and drive the arm of the back leg overhead, this is the start position. Push the hip of the forward leg away from you as you lean to the side maintaining a strong overhead position with your top arm.


2 minutes each side

Allow your upper body to lie flat on the ground, rolling your right leg across your body and tucking your left leg underneath your body. Attempt to keep the shoulders on the ground pulling the bottom leg back to increase the stretch on the hip on that side.


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