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After the calm of the Week 3 flexibility and mobility session, we encourage you to tackle this interval workout with all you have.

Expect to see a decrease in performance over the interval sets. ‘30 seconds on’ may not sound like much but if the intensity is right, you will be needing every second of the 4 minute recovery!

Take no prisoners in set one and note your distance covered or calories expended, your goal from here is to get as close to that as possible in every subsequent set.



Squat to Inchworm
5 reps

Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width and drop down into your deep squat position. Place your hands on the ground and walk them forward until your body is in the top of the push up position. Reverse this movement until you find yourself back into the deep squat position and then stand up.

Low Lunge to Thoracic Open
5 reps

Set up in an all fours position and place one foot just outside the hand of the same side. Take the hand of this side off the ground and reach it up towards the sky opening up the upper back area. Return to all fours and repeat on the opposite side.


A1: Cardio
8-10 minutes

Gradual increase of intensity.

B1: Cardio
30 seconds

Maximum effort for 5 sets with a 4 minute recovery between sets.

This workout can be completed on any piece of cardio equipment, however the rower is a great option for a full body cardiovascular workout. Don’t make the mistake of trying to row too fast though. Drive with the legs, extend with the hips and follow through with an upper body pull to complete the movement. You may want to measure your distance travelled or calories burnt on your first effort, and then try and minimise the decrease in performance in subsequent sets.

C1: Cardio
5-10 minutes

Gradual decrease of intensity.


Thoracic Foam Roller Lie
5 minute hold

Place a foam roller in position, perpendicular to your spine. Focusing on the upper back area gently allow your body to fold over the roller supporting your head with your hands positioned at the back of your neck. Feel free to move along the segments of your upper back, allowing your thoracic spine to extend. Avoid excessive arching through your lower back when performing this movement.  


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