WEEK 6 Fitness EDMs2


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Get ready. This session is designed to leave nothing in the tank!

It’s designed to be performed as a complex, which means you move from one movement directly to the next with no recovery. Maximum work in minimum time to ensure you get the most out of this training session. Aim to complete 2-4 rounds.


Walking Lunge with Overhead Reach
5 reps each side

Step forward into the bottom of the lunge position while simultaneously taking your arms overhead. Drive off the front foot, returning to the start position and repeating on the other side.  

Squat Hold to Touch Back
5 reps each side

Squat down until your thigh is approximately parallel with the ground. Staying at this depth, step one leg back and touch the toes onto the ground. Bring this leg forward and stay in the squat position and repeat on the other side.   


A1: Squat
20 reps

A staple movement pattern to start the workout, place your feet approximately hip width apart, drop down and forcefully drive back to the start position.

A2: Reverse Lunge Rotation
10 reps each side

Step one leg backwards while maintaining an upright torso position. Once in the bottom position of the lunge, rotate your torso over your front leg. Stand back up and repeat on the other side.  

A3: Plyometric Lunge
10 reps each side

Start in the split stance position and forcefully drive both feet off the ground, switching the position of your legs in mid-air. Use your arms to assist with this movement and provide some movement for the legs.  

A4: Plyometric Squat
20 reps

Perform the squats as you did in the first movement of this workout, however we will add some explosiveness to the final exercise today. Aim for height over speed and once again use your arms to help propel you upwards


Single Side Lean Away Reach
1 minute each side

Place your feet in a short split stance with your left foot in front and soften both your knees. Take your left hand over head and start to gently drive your left hip away from your midline. Reach your left arm up and across as we open up the entire left side of your body. Repeat on the right side.  


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