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Build the explosive power of a professional athlete with this simple power workout. The only equipment you will need for these bodyweight movements is a plyo box or step.

Perform 3-4 sets of the circuit. If some of these movement patterns are new to you, be careful not to compromise good form over additional sets.  

A1: Alternating Power Step Up
10 reps each leg

Drive up with the foot on the bench and lift the other knee as high as you can.  Use your arms for balance and extra lift.

A2: Single Leg Hip Extension
10 reps each leg

With your upper back on the box and one foot on the floor, straighten the other leg and drive your hips up so your body is in a long line and the knees of the bent and straight leg meet.

A3: Rear Foot Elevated Lunge
10 reps each leg

Feet should be positioned hip distance apart. Lower your back knee as close to the floor as you can. Maintain a long spine and ensure your front knee tracks over your middle toes.

A4: Feet Elevated Hip Extension
10 reps

Place both feet hip distance apart on the box. Draw in your abdominal muscles and powerfully drive your hips up.

A5: Incline or Decline Push Up
10 reps

Place your hands on the box shoulder distance apart. Lower your chest to touch the box and push back up to the top of the movement. For a more intense version of this exercise, place your feet on the box and your hands on the floor.


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