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  • Carola Chappell

    Hello this is great! I am looking for a 10km running plan. Currently doing 6km with a 1 minute break after a 5 min jog until finished the distance. I do this 3 times a week. And then some stretching. Any chance you could do a plan for 10km with an interval session?

    • FitnessFirstAU

      Hi Carola. What you are doing is great for now. The only change I would make to your current 6km routine, is to do some dynamic stretching (ie. high leg kicks forwards, backwards and side to side) after your 5 min jog warm up. Here is a quick 10km training plan from where you are at (all after a warm up ):

      Day 1 – 20 minutes of interval sprints – 60 seconds slow jog and 60 seconds fast run/sprint for 60 seconds x 7 repeats and 6 minute cool down and stretch.

      Day 2 – Hill repeats, same as Day 1 except jog at a comfortable pace the whole way. Jog on the flat for 60 seconds and jog up a hill for 60 seconds (7 repeats again).

      Day 3 – Keep at 6km and try and beat your time on the next attempt. Then 8km and try and beat your time on the next attempt again. Then 10km and try and beat that time on the next attempt and then you are 10km fit.

      Feel free to email me at : cainerpt@gmail.com or come see me at Fitness First Bondi Spring St Platinum if you want any more advice :)

  • Victoria Patterson

    Hi Jonny, Can i ask, how long does the hill need to be for the hill sprints? Or should I try to run up the hill for a certain time ie. 30 secs?
    Thanks for your help,

    • FitnessFirstAU

      Hi Victoria, there are 2 different ways to do hills. One is time (i.e 30 seconds) and one is distance (i.e 200 metres). The most important thing is to measure your improvement. For example, can you do 10 repeats instead of 5? Or can you beat your best time for a certain distance? Hope this helps :)