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Get started with this no-fuss workout – all you need is a pair of dumbbells. It’s designed to improve strength, stability and your available range of motion. Aim to perform the workout twice this week to progress both the volume of work and your skill in executing the movements.

If this style of training is new to you we recommend starting your first set with 5-10kgs and increase the weight as required. If you are an experienced trainer, grab the 15-20kg dumbbells and see how far you can push yourself.   

This workout is made up of supersets. A superset is when you perform two exercises back-to-back, with little to no rest between them. Typically the two exercises will be working different muscle groups or movement patterns.

Complete 2-4 rounds of each superset in this workout. For example, do exercises A1, A2 and A3 for 2-4 rounds before moving on to exercises B1, B2 and B3.

Alternatively, you can complete all six exercises in a circuit (one after the other) for 2-4 rounds.


Modified Push Up Plus
6 reps

We perform the modified version for all ability levels, this is a movement preparation exercise for the shoulder area. Aim to keep your arms straight and simply retract and protract your shoulder blades to encourage movement through the shoulders and upper back.

Elevated Split Squat
6 reps

Place your front foot on a stepper and position your back leg in a split stance position. Drive your body forward keeping your front knee positioned in line with your front foot.  


A1: Deep Deadlift
10-12 reps

Place the dumbbells on the ground underneath your body, this requires good mobility in the lower legs and hips so if you cannot drop low enough place the dumbbells on a riser.  

A2: Lateral Step
10-12 reps

Take a step laterally, while maintaining a tall torso position. As you bend your working leg, drive your hips backwards maintaining the slight curve in your lower back.

A3: Single Leg Deadlift
10-12 reps

Hold the dumbbell in the opposite hand to the working leg, have a slight bend in your working leg as you tilt forward from your hips, maintaining the natural alignment of your body.   

B1: High Row
10-12 reps

Hold the dumbbells in front of your body with your palms facing you, drive the elbows up and slightly out and minimise the use of momentum.  

B2: Push Up to Side Plank
10-12 reps

Position the hands underneath your shoulders and place your feet approximately hip width apart. Perform a push up, keeping the upper arms at 45 degree to your body, at the top of the movement rotate your body so your shoulders are stacked, creating a straight line from one hand to the other.   

B3: Pullover
10-12 reps

Position your upper back across a bench and hold a dumbbell directly above your chest, avoiding excessive arching through your lower back, allow your arms to travel in an arc motion over your head.


Quadruped Thoracic Mobilisation
10 reps each side

Place your left wrist underneath your left shoulder, cup your right hand behind your neck and place your knees wide apart. Sit your hips back to minimise rotation from the lower back and push the ground away from you. Drive open up your upper spine using the right elbow as the guide.   


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