W2 HP Workout


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It’s week 2 and we’re introducing one of the most formidable training tools, the barbell. The barbell allows to maximise the load and force we transfer through the body, guaranteeing a workout that will have you feeling breathless throughout and energised at the end.

This workout is designed around two trisets. This triset is arranged in two sections, lower body and upper body/torso, so we recommend using heavier loads. Be careful not to sacrifice good form for heavier loads to ensure a safe and effective workout.       

Complete 3-4 rounds of each triset in this workout. For example, do exercises A1, A2 and A3 for 3 rounds before moving on to exercises B1, B2 and B3.


Cossack Lunge
10 reps each side

Place your feet wide apart and shift your bodyweight to the right side. As you shift your weight to the right side bend your right leg so your bodyweight shifts to the right and down. If you have the range of motion you can drop your hips low so that your calf and hamstring on your right leg touch, you can also turn the left foot up so that your toes are flexed and pointing to the ceiling. Return to the start position and shift to the other side. If your available range of motion does not allow this depth simply shift your bodyweight to the right until you feel tension through the inside of your left leg and/or you notice restrictions in your right ankle.  

Prone Rotation
10 reps each side

Set up in a push position with your wrists sitting underneath your shoulders and your feet approximately hip width apart. Releasing the right hand from the ground rotate your body until the shoulders are stacked on top of each other and your creating a straight line from your left hand to the tips of your right fingers. If you have the capability you may want to add a push up between every repetition.


A1: Barbell Lunge Step Through
5 reps per leg

Place the barbell across your back and take a step forward with your right leg into a lunge position. Driving off the heel of your right foot, forcefully push back straight into a reverse lunge without touching the ground with your right foot. Repeat for the desired amount of repetitions and then change sides. If this movement is new to you feel free to use the smaller fixed barbells instead of an olympic barbell. Alternatively if this is outside your capability right now using bodyweight is also a great option.       

A2: Barbell Suitcase Deadlift
5 reps per side

There are barbell options in this exercise, if using an olympic bar with bumper plates you will be restricted on the depth you can achieve by the plates, which is perfectly fine. If you don’t wish to add weight to the olympic bar or are using the smaller sized fixed barbells you will want to limit your depth, two recommendations are stopping at mid shin level or knee level and starting with the bar in your hand. As you descend into the movement you want to ensure the knees stay in line with the feet and your hips also remain level. Any deviations from this and you may need to reduce load or reduce the range of motion.

A3: Barbell Grip Squat
5 reps

An unusual version of the squat which tests the anterior portion of the core and also your forearms, biceps and grip strength.With your hands approximately shoulder width apart, you want to position the barbell in the hands with the palms facing you and the wrists stacked over the elbows. Maintaining this position sit down into a deep squat and drive back up to the top of the movement. We recommend using a light load to begin with for this exercise as you can always increase the load if you need more of a challenge.   

B1: Barbell Overhead Press
5 reps

Place the barbell in front of the chest with the elbows positioned in front of the bar and the thumbs wrapped around it. Create tension in the entire body and tuck the tailbone underneath your body to build tension through the midsection. Driving the feet forcefully into the ground drive the barbell overhead with the head pushing between the arms at the top of the movement. If you have restrictions in your upper body due to sitting for long periods you may need to perform this exercise with dumbbells or kettlebells.    

B2: Barbell Bent Over Row (with pause)
5 reps

Hold the barbell in front of the body with the knees slightly bent. Hinge forward from the hips, maintaining the natural curve through your spine. Avoid using excessive momentum pull the barbell in towards the body and slower lower down. If using bumper plates allow the barbell to rest on the ground for a moment before completing the next repetition. If you aren’t using bumper plates allow the barbell to pause at the bottom of the movement for a split second prior to performing the next rep.    

B3: Get Up
5 reps per side

While this movement can be performed with a barbell that is a very advanced version of this exercise. If this exercise is new to you we would recommend using a dumbbell or kettlebell instead. Lie down on the floor, bending your right leg and position whatever training tool you are using in the right hand, extended over your right shoulder. Placing pressure through the right foot and the palm of the left hand, drive the body up and across until your torso is almost upright. Keep your eyes up and looking at the training tool in your right hand. Reverse the movement to return to the start position and repeat.    


90-90 Stretch
2 minute hold per side

Place your right leg in front of you with the knee bent to 90 degrees, with the front leg positioned directly in front of your body. The heel of the front leg should be in line with your left legs knee with your left leg also bent to 90 degrees. Maintain length through your torso and and aim to have you belly button positioned over your front knee. If you are very restricted in this position you may want to place a towel underneath your right (front) hip to help you ease into position.


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