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We’re turning up the intensity for this week’s workout. This session will really challenge your stability and balance with exercises that use one side of the body at a time.

Aim to complete 2-4 rounds.

This workout is a tri-set format, which means you will need to complete the first set of three exercises for 2-4 rounds before moving on to the second set of three exercises for 2-4 rounds. Take a short break between each movement (no longer than 30 seconds) and a longer break at the end of each set (approx. two minutes).


3-Way Hip Opener
3 reps

Begin in the push up position and bring your right foot to just outside your right hand allowing your hips to drop down. Bring your right foot between your hands and your left leg closer to your right leg, push your hips up and back, allowing your body to fold forward. Finally place your back knee on the ground, tuck your hips under and forward before repeating on the other side.   

Split Squat
6 reps

Set up in a split stance position, and drive your front knee over your front toe. While performing this tuck your hips under your body and take your knee as far forward as feels comfortable, encouraging movement at the ankle.   


A1: Suitcase Deadlift
6-8 reps

Place a kettlebell next to your body, and set up like you would for a traditional deadlift, pushing the hips back and keeping length in the torso. Keeping the shoulders square drive off the ground forcefully, standing tall.  

A2: Single Arm Bottoms Up Press
6-8 reps

Squeeze the handle of the kettlebell tight and position the ‘bell’ on top of the handle, this is the bottoms up position. Creating tension throughout your body, drive the arm overhead, attempting to get your bicep as close to your ear as possible, under control return to the start position.  

A3: Halo
6-8 reps

Holding the kettlebell with the two outside handles (referred to as the horns of the kettlebell), roll the kettlebell around your head to open the upper back. Be conscious of your head position, if you lack mobility here you will be tempted to drive your head forward, aim to maintain a neutral position.      

B1: Split Stance Bent Over Row
6-8 reps

Place your feet in a split position and lean forward from the hips, maintaining the natural curve through your back. Keep the elbows close to your body and pull both kettlebells back squeezing your shoulder blades together.   

B2: Single Arm Squat
6-8 reps

Place one kettlebell into the ‘rack position’ with the kettlebell resting between the bicep and forearm. Holding in this session drop down into your squat, avoiding the temptation to tilt towards the side of the kettlebell.  

B3: Get Up
3-5 reps

Lying on the floor press a kettlebell up over your head in your right hand, bending your right knee and placing your left hand out to the side. Pushing through the right foot and left hand, roll across onto your left elbow and then left hand, keeping your eyes on the kettlebell the whole time.


Ankle to Wall Mobilisation
10 reps each side

In an attempt to free up the any restrictions in your lower leg, position yourself in a split stance, with your toes close to a wall. Keeping the heel of your front foot on the ground, aim to touch the knee of that leg to the wall. If you touch the wall with your knee take your foot a little further back and repeat.


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