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This week’s workout is simple, yet brutally effective. It targets key areas of the body to develop core strength and stability, single leg stability and grip strength.

This session is a tri-set format, which means you will need to complete the first set of three exercises for 2-4 rounds before moving on to the second set of three exercises for 2-4 rounds. Take a short break between each movement (no longer than 30 seconds) and a longer break at the end of each set (approx. two minutes).

Repeat this workout twice this week, but aim for heavier weights or add an extra set the second time around.


Low Lunge Thoracic Opener
6 reps

From a standing position, place both your hands on the ground, inside your left leg. Step your right leg back and from this position open up the back by taking your left hand up in the air with your shoulders stacked on top of each other. Repeat on the other side.  

Forward Fold, Squat, Reach
6 reps

From standing, roll your head and shoulders forward and bend forward from the hips. Allow your upper body to rest in this position briefly before pulling your hips down into the bottom of the squat position. Keep the arms inside the legs and your heels on the ground, take one hand up into the air opening up the chest, repeat on the other side before returning to the start position.


A1: Ice Skater
10 reps

Start on your left leg and move laterally landing on your right leg and initially focus on sticking your landing, with the ankle, knee and hip aligned. Driving off the right leg now shift your weight back across to your left leg, once again focusing on the landing position. Once you have perfected this technique you can increase the speed and/or distance.

A2: Prone Shoulder Touch
10 reps

Start in the top of a push up position, and place your feet slightly wider than normal, approximately shoulder width apart. Trying to minimise lateral movement in your body, take your right hand off the ground and tap your left should, repeat on the other side.

A3: Bottoms Up Waiter’s Carry
10-15% body weight

Position a kettlebell into the rack position but with the ‘bell’ of the kettlebell on top of the handle (we recommend going light for this one), and find a space in your club where you can take a few steps forward turn and return to the start position. Keep the elbow tucked into the body and increase the distance travelled as you get more comfortable.

B1: Single Leg Hip Extension
10 reps

Lying on the ground, bend the knees so the heels are flat on the ground and are close to the body. Take one leg off the ground and forcefully drive through the midfoot and heel of the other leg, pushing the hips up to the ceiling.  

B2: Alternating Dead Bug
20 reps

Lie flat on the ground with your knees bent at 90 degrees and your arms straight up in the air. Apply a small amount of pressure through the lower back, aiming to maintain this pressure as you take one arm and the opposite leg down towards the ground. Repeat on the other side.    

B3: Farmer’s Carry
25% body weight

A less complicated version of the waiters carry, simply pick up two kettlebells and walk them a distance you can manage without losing grip, then turn around and return to your start position. You can’t find two same weight kettlebells? No problem pick up one heavy and one light and perform in the same fashion, fighting your body as it wants to tilt. Be sure to swap hands with the kettlebells on each set.


90-90 Stretch
1 minute each side, 2 sets

Place one leg directly in front of you with your knee at 90 degrees. The trailing leg should also be at 90 degrees with the foot of the front leg, knee of the back leg and foot of the back leg in a straight line. Lift through your torso and if needed lean forward directing your torso over the front leg.


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