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This session aims to challenge your ability to move in multiple directions. The lunge variations are guaranteed to make your muscles feel a little sore the next day!

This workout is a tri-set format, which means you will need to complete the first set of three exercises for 2-4 rounds before moving on to the second set of three exercises for 2-4 rounds. Take a short break between each movement (no longer than 30 seconds) and a longer break at the end of each set (approx. two minutes).


Push Up to Down Dog
6 reps

Perform a push up either on your toes or off your knees, but finish the rep in the top of the push up position regardless of what technique you use. From the top of this position drive your hips up and back folding into a V position, attempting to keep your heels on the ground.

Reverse Step Overhead Reach
6 reps

Take a small step backwards with your left leg and tuck your hips underneath your body to minimise the load through your lower back. Take your hands overhead and allow the left side of your body to open up, repeat on the right side.


A1: Reverse Step to Knee Drive
6 reps each side

Standing up tall take a step back with your left leg, simultaneously bring your left arm through. Driving off your right leg, bring your left leg through until you are in a standing position balancing on your right leg, following through with your right arm.

A2: Plyometric Push Up
6 reps
Position your wrist underneath your shoulders with your feet approximately hip width apart in the top of the pus up position. Explosive drive up from the floor, allowing your hands to come off the ground. Regress this executive to the knees if required.

A3: Curtsy Lunge
6 reps each side
From a standing position take your right leg and step it back and around your left leg. Position your right knee so it is just outside to heel of your left foot, lowering your bodyweight down.

B1: Prone Single Arm Reach to Knee Drive
6 reps each side

Start in the push up position and extend your right hand out. Try and minimise any rotation through the trunk and lift your left leg off the ground, then bring your right elbow and left knee together under the body.

Rear Delt Iron Cross
6 reps

Lie flat on the ground with your arms out wide, and your body in a T position. Squeezing the upper back muscles together, lift the chest and shoulders off the ground before lowering back down under control.

B3: Hip Bridge to Rotation
6 reps each side

Start in the bridge position with the hips elevated. Maintaining the elevation in the hips, reach the right hand up and across the body. Allow the right shoulder to lift and follow the arm up and across, while simultaneously maintaining the hips in an elevated position. Repeat on the other side.


Bench Thoracic Mobilisation
1 minute hold for 2 sets

Kneel in front of a bench, sitting your hips back and placing your elbows on top of the bench. Bring your hands together behind your head, and exhale as you drop your chest down towards the floor. Avoid holding your breath in this position and also be aware of excessive arching through the lower back.


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