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This week’s workout will be a true test of endurance! The session is set up in a six stage circuit format, so you will transition from movement one directly to the next and so on – with no break! Aim to complete 3-5 sets, and allow yourself 3-5 minutes to recover between sets.

This week will be a great test to see how far you’ve come. Now that you have built a foundation of strength and endurance, we encourage you to push yourself with this session.


Kettlebell Staggered Stance Squat
10 repetitions

Start in a standing position with feet hip width apart.  Slightly step forward with one foot, until your heel is roughly in line with the toe of your other foot, giving you a staggered stance.  Hold the kettlebell with your back hand. Sit back and squat down, with your your knees tracking over your toes and the kettlebell lowering to the floor.  You can lift the heel of your back foot to ensure you can achieve the same level of depth as your usual squat.

Kettlebell Halo
10 repetitions

Hold the kettlebell by the ‘horns’ in front of your chest, maintaining an upright head position. Drive the right hand to the left shoulder and roll the right hand around your head bringing the kettlebell back to the starting position. Repeat on the other side.


A1: Double Kettlebell Swings
10 repetitions

The staple of most kettlebell movements, begin with the kettlebells slightly in front of your body, hinge forward at the hips and lift the bells off the ground. They will swing back between your legs, then forcefully drive the hips forward to generate the power for the upward motion of the swing. Maintain your natural lumbar curve and avoid rounding in this area of your body, which is a common fault.

A2: Double Kettlebell Cleans
10 repetitions

Position both kettlebells on the ground, just in front of your body. Hinging from the hips allow the kettlebells to come off the ground and begin the swing phase, allowing the kettlebells to rock back, between your legs. Driving the hips forward, reverse the arc of the swing and allow the kettlebell to roll around the outside of your wrist, finishing in the rack position.

A3: Double Kettlebell Squats
10 repetitions

Position the kettlebells in front of the body in what is known as the rack position. Keep your elbows tucked into your torso and drop your hips down into the deepest position you can sit into.

A4: Double Kettlebell Press
10 repetitions

With the kettlebells in the rack position, tuck your hips under to ensure there is no excessive arching in the lower back. Create tension by gripping hard onto the kettlebells and forcefully press them overhead.

A5: Double Kettlebell Bent Over Row
10 repetitions

Holding the kettlebells by your side, hinge forward from the hips until your torso is almost parallel with the ground and your arms are hanging straight down. Maintaining the natural curve in your lower back draw both arms into the torso before controlling back to the start position.

A6: Double Kettlebell Push Up
10 repetitions

1-2 sentences describing how to perform the exercise.


Half Kneeling Windmill
10 repetitions each side

Set up in a split stance position with both knees at 90 degrees and your back knee on the ground and drive the arm of the back leg overhead, this is the start position. Push the hip of the forward leg away from you as you lean to the side maintaining a strong overhead position with your top arm.


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