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This week’s session introduces a barbell. The one piece of equipment guaranteed to improve your body’s ability to produce force.  

This workout is made up of supersets. A superset is when you perform two exercises back-to-back, with little to no rest between them. Typically the two exercises will be working different muscle groups or movement patterns.

Complete 2-4 rounds of each superset in this workout. For example, do exercises A1 and A2 for 3 rounds before moving on to exercises B1 and B2.

Alternatively, you can complete all six exercises in a circuit (one after the other) for 3 rounds.


Shin Box to Step
3 reps each side

Position yourself in what is called the 90/90 stretch, seated on the ground with both legs bent at 90 degrees and your chest over the front leg, in this case the left leg. Roll your hips to right alternating the position of your legs and step through with your left leg. Reverse this movement until you return to the start position.

Deep Squat Single Arm Overhead Reach
3 reps each side

Squat down into your deepest position, keeping your heels flat on the floor. When you hit your bottom position, wedge your right arm into your right knee. Keeping your hips down rotate your torso to the ceiling and open up your left arm. Hold the bottom position and repeat on the left arm.


A1: Snatch Grip Deadlift
4-6 reps

A traditional deadlift simply performed with a wide grip. Place your feet in a narrow stance and position your hands wide on the barbell. Ensuring you maintain your natural curve in your spine sit your hips down and lift your chest up for the start position of the movement. Forcefully drive your feet into the floor, keeping the bar close to your body. The exercise is finished when your hips have fully extended, use control to take the bar back to the floor. If grip strength is a limiting factor you may need to use wrist straps to perform this movement.    

A2: Jump Squat
6 reps

A traditional squat that adds an explosive element at the top of the movement. The landing should also be noted, as your body learns to reactive to the forces of the ground. Soften the knees to land and reset your feet/body position as needed prior to your next repetition. If this style of movement is new to your training program don’t be afraid to start with dumbbells by your side or simply use your own bodyweight and focus on achieving maximum height.

B1: Rack Position Reverse Lunge
6 reps each side

A great lunge variation which forces an upright torso position with the barbell placed in front of the body. Position the barbell in the rack position and place the majority of your bodyweight onto the front foot, taking a step back and lowering down under control until the knee is just above the ground. Step back up to the start position and repeat on the opposite side. If you lack wrist mobility feel free to place the barbell in the more traditional back position or simply hold on to a dumbbell in each hand.  

B2: Strict Press
6 reps

Place the bar in the rack position with the elbows slightly in front of the bar. Squeeze the glutes, quadriceps, mid section and ultimately your entire body to great full body tension to build a platform to press off. Drive the bar overhead, using the fullest range of motion you have available. Return to the start position under control and repeat.    

C1: Power Step Up
6 reps each side

Place a stepper at the right height so your thigh is just above parallel in the start position. Place the majority of your body weight on your bent leg. To help with this pull up the toes of the none working leg to attempt to drive through the mid-foot of the working leg. Forcefully drive up through the top leg, following through with a knee drive on the bottom leg to assist in fully extending the hip on the working side.   

C2: Underhand Bent Over Row
6 reps

Soften the knees and bend forward from the hips, maintaining the natural curve through your spine. Turn your palms so they are facing away from your body and grab a hold of the bar, pulling in towards your mid section. Under control lower back to the start position and repeat, looking to minimise the swaying of the body to assist in the pull phase.


45 Degree Light Dumbbell Fly
10 reps

Lie on a bench or your previously used stepper and aim to hang your upper back just off the end of it. Hold a light pair of dumbbells over your body with your palms facing forward. Lower the dumbbells down and away from the body, on approximately a 45 degree angle while simultaneously rotating the thumbs so they face down towards the ground.  


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