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Train Like an Athlete: Fitness Program + Tips. 

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to train like one. If you want to enhance your fitness performance and push yourself to reach your best, take a page from an athlete’s playbook.

Athletic workouts focus on quality and intensity with an emphasis on strength, power, speed and agility. Here’s a workout, designed by Fitness First PT Uyi Osarenkhoe, that will challenge your entire body, take your fitness to the next level and unleash your inner athlete.

Perform three sets of 10-12 reps for each exercise. If you’re new to resistance training, start with light weights and gradually build.

Reverse lunge to crossover, to press
Hold a kettlebell in your left hand and step back into a reverse lunge with your left leg. Weave the kettlebell under your right leg, taking it with your right hand and transferring it back to your left shoulder. Transfer the kettlebell back from left to right and push it back under your leg. Raise yourself out of the lunge position and fully extend your left arm into a press with the kettlebell. Repeat on the other side.

Split single leg jump to lunge
Start in a running man position with one foot behind you on a bench. Dip down low with the leg that is raise to the bench into a lunge position. Raise yourself out of the lunge and jump up with your front leg. Make sure you raise your knee as high as possible when jumping.

Kettlebell single leg deadlift, lunge and press
With one kettlebell in each hand and your knees slightly bent, slowly bend over with a straight spine, lowering the kettlebells to the floor in a deadlift. At the same time as the kettlebells are lowered, raise a single leg behind you. Lower yourself into a lunge position and fully extend your arms with the kettlebells raised and your spine straight. Alternate between the single leg deadlift and the lunge and press.

Burpee to battle rope swing, to bar jump
Holding the battle ropes, perform a burpee and jump to a squat position with your legs wide for stability. Angle your back slightly forward before swinging the battle ropes, making sure your core is engaged. Jump over the bar, landing on both feet. Repeat on the other side of the bar.

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