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Similar to your first workout this week, here’s another session that aims for maximum energy expenditure in minimal time. Complete all give exercises in the circuit with no break.

If you don’t have cardio equipment available, try one minute of high knees or shuttle runs.

We recommend using the same cardio piece as your first workout, while easy is not the word we would use in these circumstances, it should feel just a little more ‘comfortable’.


Spiderman Lunge
5 reps each side

Begin in the push up position, bring your right foot just outside your right hand and try to keep your back knee off the ground. Lift your chest and use your breath to move deeper into this position with every exhale.

Prone Rotation
5 reps each side

From the spiderman position, place your left hand on the ground directly underneath your left shoulder. Open up the right side of your body by rotating the right arm up, stacking the shoulders on top of each other.


A1: Downward Dog to Prone
10 reps

Begin in the push up position. Transition to downward dog by pushing your hips back and tucking your head between your arms. Aim to drive your heels down to the ground.

A2: Jump Squat
20 reps

Just like a normal squat, place your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and your toes slightly turned out. Lower down and push off the ground explosively, using your arms to propel you upwards off the ground.

A3: Cardio
30 calories

Select a piece of cardio equipment. Whichever you choose, manage your intensity level as 30 calories can be surprisingly challenging!

A4: Hip Bridge
20 reps

Lying on your back, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands by your side with palms facing upwards. Drive off your heels and press the hips up, squeezing the glutes at the top of the movement. 

A5: Prone Elbow to Hand
10 reps

Begin in the push up position. Slowly lower your body down to rest on your elbows before returning to the start position. Use as much control as possible and try to avoid tiling your hips and lower back.


Runners Lunge
2 minutes each side

Similar to the spiderman lunge, however as your bring your leg to sit behind your hand, turn your toe out and roll onto the outside blade of your foot.


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