W2 Transformation Workout


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This week’s session will challenge your aerobic endurance. The workout is designed in a circuit to keep your heart rate high and to maximise energy expended.  

The circuit style of this workout means that the exercises are performed one after another and then there is an active recovery included after the last movement. This will allow the heart rate to gradually come down but not so far that the next round of work is a shock to the system.    

Complete 3-5 rounds of this circuit. It is better to do less rounds of better quality and build over the course of the week.


Cossack Lunge
10 reps each side

Place your feet wide apart and shift your bodyweight to the right side. As you shift your weight to the right side bend your right leg so your bodyweight shifts to the right and down. If you have the range of motion you can drop your hips low so that your calf and hamstring on your right leg touch, you can also turn the left foot up so that your toes are flexed and pointing to the ceiling. Return to the start position and shift to the other side. If your available range of motion does not allow this depth simply shift your bodyweight to the right until you feel tension through the inside of your left leg and/or you notice restrictions in your right ankle.  

Prone Rotation
10 reps each side

Set up in a push position with your wrists sitting underneath your shoulders and your feet approximately hip width apart. Releasing the right hand from the ground rotate your body until the shoulders are stacked on top of each other and your creating a straight line from your left hand to the tips of your right fingers. If you have the capability you may want to add a push up between every repetition


A1: Modified Burpee
5 reps

Begin in the top of the push up position and with your wrists sitting underneath your shoulders and create tension through your midsection. Step your right foot forward to just outside your right hand, then bring your left foot to just outside your left hand and stand up. Reverse the movement to return to the start position. If you are comfortable with this movement you may want to attempt a slightly more advanced version where you jump your feet outside both hands and stand up, and then on the way down step one foot back at a time.  

A2: Kettlebell Squat Press
10 reps

Depending on your level select either one kettlebell and hold it just in front of your face, or place two kettlebells into the rack positions. Place the feet approximately shoulder width apart with your toes slightly turned out. Maintaining a tall spine descend into the squat position, forcefully drive off the ground and as you reach the standing position, drive the kettlebells directly overhead.  

A3: Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull
15 reps

Position the feet slightly wider than hip width with your toes pointed out at about 45 degrees. The kettlebell should be positioned just in front and in the middle of your body. Pich the kettlebell up and using a rocking motion at your hips to create momentum, drive the kettlebell up towards your chin. As you pull the kettlebell up keep the elbows above the wrists, use the rocking motion of your hips through the descent of the kettlebell, in preparation for the next repetition.     

A4: Kettlebell Swings
20 reps

Place the kettlebell just in front of your body, your feet should be approximately shoulder width apart. Hinge at the hips ben forward to pick up the kettlebell, creating a stretch through the hamstrings and glutes as you prepare to lift the kettlebell off the ground. Once the kettlebell leaves the ground allow it to rock between your legs and then forcefully drive the hips forward, creating an arch with the kettlebell. Maintaining the natural curve through your back repeat this movement for the desired amount of repetitions.  

A5: Cardio
25 calories

Select a piece of equipment that you find challenging, in other words step outside your comfort zone. For many people this may be the rowing machine. Set yourself the target to complete 25 calories in as quick as time as you can. If you are using the rower remember the rowing movement can be broken into three section. Initiate the movement by driving with the legs, then extend the hips, before completing the movement by pulling through with the arms and upper body.      

A6: Active Recovery
3 minutes

Keep your body moving during your recovery period so you are not starting from a cold/dead start for your next round of work. You may want to row at a light intensity for a minute or two before taking a walk near where you are training to allow the heart rate to gradually reduce, in preparation for your next round of work.  


90-90 Stretch
2 minute hold per side

Place your right leg in front of you with the knee bent to 90 degrees, with the front leg positioned directly in front of your body. The heel of the front leg should be in line with your left legs knee with your left leg also bent to 90 degrees. Maintain length through your torso and and aim to have you belly button positioned over your front knee. If you are very restricted in this position you may want to place a towel underneath your right (front) hip to help you ease into position.    


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