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This workout is simple; select a piece of cardio equipment and aim to burn through your calorie target as quickly as possible! If short, hard bursts of training are new to you, manage your intensity throughout this workout, otherwise you may not have enough in the tank to get through all 10 sets.

We recommend the Assault Bike or stationary rower for a really tough challenge. For first timers to this style of training, work to an intensity level of approximately 6-7 out of 10, with 10 being your absolute maximum effort. If you are feeling comfortable through the sets you can always dial it up as you go.

Repeat this workout twice this week and see if you can go further in less time, or burn more calories in the same time frame.


Heel Reach
5 reps each side

Placing your body weight on your left leg, reach forward with the heel of the right leg, allowing your left knee to travel forward and your left ankle to move as much as possible.

Reverse Step Rotation
5 reps each side

Step back with your right leg and tuck your hips underneath your body, creating tension in your right hip flexor. Keep your chest tall and rotate your upper body across your left leg.


A1: Cardio
10-15 minutes

10-15 minutes may seem like a long warm up to transition into your actual workout, however with intensity levels hitting a Squad high you will need this. Think of your 10-15 minutes as three short blocks, an initial block to gradually increase heart rate, your second block to begin to open up the areas of the body that will be used through the movement, for example your hips on a bike, and your third block to begin to flirt with the intensity levels you will start your workout on.  

B1: Cardio
10 sets of 15 calories

Maximum effort to reach 15 calories, followed by two to four minutes of recovery. Deliberately simple programming, all out effort with long recovery. This workout is hard to define as many variables come into play, i.e. a 100kg male will find it easier to work through 15 calories than a 55kg female. An experienced exerciser will require less recovery at the same perceived intensity level as an inexperienced exerciser. If in doubt stick to the recommended variables, otherwise set your targets higher, either way be consistent with your recovery. You can then reduce this by a small amount next time you tackle this training session.

C1: Cardio
5-10 minutes

Gradual decrease of intensity and ideally some movements that elongate some of the muscles used in this workout, hip flexors will be one most people gain some benefit from.


Hindu Squat
2 minutes each side

Place your feet approximately shoulder-width apart, turn your toes out slightly and drop your hips down to sit in your deepest squat position, keeping your heels on the ground. This will feel uncomfortable, but try your best to last the full two minutes.


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