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This week we take some of the interval work and add full body strength exercises to combine movement and intense aerobic training.

All working sets in this session finish with a 200m row. If rowing isn’t your thing, try a 500m cycle. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re working hard!

Aim to complete 3-5 rounds of this circuit.



Transverse Step
5 reps each side

With your weight on your left leg, bring your right leg around the back of your left and lightly touch the ground. In this position, drive your left hip away from your body to open up the hip area.

Lateral Step
5 reps each side

Take a lateral step with the right leg, keep the chest tall and aim to align your right knee over your right toes.


A1: Dumbbell Thruster
10 reps

Tuck your elbows into your body and drop into your squat position. As you drive out of the bottom of the squat, simultaneously push your arms overhead.

A2: Suspension Row
10 reps

Position yourself on a steep enough angle to the suspension strap so your full 10 reps can only just be completed. The thumbs should brush against the chest with every rep. If you can’t find a suspension strap, try bent over rows using a dumbbell.

A3: Dumbbell Reverse Lunge
10 reps each side

Holding a dumbbell in both hands stay long through your torso and take step back with your left leg, placing the majority of your body weight on your right leg. Driving of the heel of the front foot return the left leg to the standing position and repeat.

A4: Rower

Don’t make the mistake of trying to row too fast. Drive with the legs first, extend at the hips and follow through with an upper body pull. Think less strokes, more force, driven by your legs. 


Supine Chest Stretch
1 minute hold for 2 sets

Position a large foam roller along your spine and lie back ensuring your head is supported. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees and face your palms to the ceiling, allowing the chest to slowly relax and open.

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