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This session aims to challenge your ability to move in multiple directions. The lunge variations are guaranteed to make your muscles feel a little sore the next day!

Aim to complete 3-5 rounds of this circuit.


Transverse Step
5 reps each side

With your weight on your left leg, bring your right leg around the back of your left and lightly touch the ground. In this position, drive your left hip away from your body to open up the hip area.

Lateral Step
5 reps each side

Take a lateral step with the right leg, keep the chest tall and aim to align your right knee over your right toes.


A1: Dumbbell Transverse Lunge
5 reps each side

Step back and out at about 90 degrees, relative to the front leg. Ensure the knee of the stepping leg is tracking over the toes while your torso remains upright.

A2: Dumbbell Renegade Row
5 reps each side

Position the dumbbells at your hands so they are sitting directly underneath your shoulders. Place your feet hip-width distance apart. Create tension through your core as you draw one arm up with minimal rotation through the hips. Repeat on the other side.

A3: Dumbbell Lateral Lunge to Curl
5 reps each side

Start standing tall and step out to the side with your right leg. Drive your hips back, keeping long and tall through your chest. Return to the start position while you curl the dumbbells, before repeating these two movements on the other side.

A4: Stationary Bike

Make sure the seat is positioned slightly lower than your hips when you are standing next to the bike. This will ensure your legs don’t lock out when at the bottom of the pedal rotation.


Supine Chest Stretch
1 minute hold for 2 sets

Position a large foam roller along your spine and lie back ensuring your head is supported. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees and face your palms to the ceiling, allowing the chest to slowly relax and open.

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