Week Five2


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This week introduces some new equipment and involves the entire body moving across multiple planes. Expect to squat, slam and rotate your way through these sessions.

For this workout you will need a suspension strap and a medicine ball. Keep them close to you so you can get through the session in minimal time.

This workout is made up of supersets. A superset is when you perform two exercises back-to-back, with little to no rest between them. Typically the two exercises will be working different muscle groups or movement patterns.

Complete 3 rounds of each superset in this workout. For example, do exercises A1 and A2 for 3 rounds before moving on to exercises B1 and B2.

Alternatively, you can complete all six exercises in a circuit (one after the other) for 3 rounds.


Spiderman Lunge
5 reps each side

Starting in a push up position, bring your right foot just outside your right hand and try and keep your back leg off the ground. Lift your chest and use your breath to move deeper into this position with every exhale.

Knee Drive
5 reps each side

Flowing from the spiderman lunge you can combine these two movements together. As you step your right foot outside your right hand, stand up driving your left knee up. Integrate your upper body so when your left knee is up your right arm is forward.


A1: Suspension Front Squat
12 reps

Facing away from the anchor point, tuck the straps underneath your arms and position your body at approximately 45 degrees. Keep your heels off the ground and lower yourself so that you mimic a squat pattern from the side view.

A2: Suspension Underhand Row
12 reps

Keeping your feet together and flat on the floor, start with your arms tucked into your body and your thumbs resting against your chest. Lower your body until your arms are fully extended and your palms are facing up before returning to the start position.

B1: Med Ball Slam
12 reps

Hold the medicine ball directly overhead, fully extend through your body and forcefully slam the ball to the ground. Catch the ball and repeat, be careful if you are using a light ball that it does not bounce back and hit you!

B2: Med Ball Sit Up
12 reps

Lie on the ground with your knees bent and the medicine ball in front of your chest. Perform a sit up while simultaneously pressing the medicine ball overhead, ensuring both your arms are fully extended at the top of the movement.

C1: Suspension Curtsy Lunge
12 reps

Start with your elbows tucked into your side and stand on one leg. Bring the other leg up to your chest, then wrap the knee of this leg around the calf of the standing leg. Bend the standing leg to load up this leg before returning to the start position.

C2: Suspension W Fly
12 reps

Set up in the same fashion as the underhand row, with the only difference being your arms are in a W position, with elbows tucked in and palms facing forward. Lower your body until you are arms are fully extended and then return to the start position


Half Pigeon
2 minute hold each side

Starting in a Down Dog position, place your right knee behind your right wrist and your right ankle in front of your left hip. The more your lower leg is parallel with the front of your mat, the more intense the stretch. Slide your left leg back behind your body, straighten your knee and point your toes with your heel facing up. Align your hips square to the front of the room and place a block or rolled up towel under your right buttock for support to keep your hips level. On an inhalation, lift your upper body and lengthen your spine, then gently walk your hands forward to lower your body to the floor.


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