W5 Trandformation


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This workout is a dynamic combination of tried and tested exercises that we guarantee will get your heart pumping.

This week we’re returning to tri-sets. Complete exercises A1 to A3 for 3-5 sets; rest and recover, then move on to exercises B1 to B3.


Staggered Stance Squat
10 reps

Start in a standing position with feet hip width apart.  Slightly step forward with one foot, until your heel is roughly in line with the toe of your other foot, giving you a staggered stance.  Sit back and squat down, with your your knees tracking over your toes. You can lift the heel of your back foot if needed to ensure you can achieve the same level of depth as your usual squat.

10 reps

Hold the kettlebell by the ‘horns’ in front of your chest, maintaining an upright head position. Drive the right hand to the left shoulder and roll the right hand around your head bringing the kettlebell back to the starting position. Repeat on the other side.


A1: Elevated Lunge Step Through
6 reps

Place the barbell across your back and take a step forward with your right leg into a lunge position. Driving off the heel of your right foot, forcefully push back straight into a reverse lunge without touching the ground with your right foot. Repeat for the desired amount of repetitions and then change sides. If this movement is new to you feel free to use the smaller fixed barbells instead of an olympic barbell. Alternatively if this is outside your capability right now using bodyweight is also a great option.       

A2: Explosive Single Leg Hip Extension
6 reps each side

Support your upper back on your bench with your feet planted about hip width on the floor, bring your left leg into the middle of where your feet are positioned and take your right foot off the ground. Maintaining alignment in your hips drop them down to the ground and then forcefully drive off your left foot so it comes off the ground, landing softly.

A3: Romanian Deadlift
6 reps

Start in a standing position, with the bar on the floor in front of you and feet hip width apart.  Grab the barbell with a hip-width grip and then push your hips back and keep length in your torso. Keeping the shoulders square drive off the ground forcefully, standing tall.  From this position, slowly lower the bar towards the floor, while breaking at the hips but only slightly bending your knees.

B1: Chin Ups
6 reps

Start hanging from the bar with a overhand grip and your neck straight and shoulders down.  Pull yourself upwards until your chest is in line with the bar and then repeat.

B2: Alternate Chest Press
6 reps

Lie back on a bench and position the dumbbells directly above your chest. Using control, lower the dumbbells with your arms positioned at approximately 45 degrees to your torso. Once you reach the bottom of your available range of motion forcefully drive one hand back to the starting position while keeping the other dumbbell in the bottom position.  Lower and then repeat on the other side.

B3: Renegade Row

6 reps each side

Position the dumbbells at your hands so they are sitting directly underneath your shoulders. Place your feet hip-width distance apart. Create tension through your core as you draw one arm up with minimal rotation through the hips. Repeat on the other side


Half Kneeling Windmill
10 reps

Set up in a split stance position with both knees at 90 degrees and your back knee on the ground and drive the arm of the back leg overhead, this is the start position. Push the hip of the forward leg away from you as you lean to the side maintaining a strong overhead position with your top arm.


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