WEEK 6 Fitness EDMs


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This week’s workout uses kettlebells. With two bells and a small spot on the gym floor, you are guaranteed to work all key muscles and leave nothing in the tank with this challenging session. Even the warm up is hard work!

This session is designed to be performed as a complex, which means you move from one movement directly to the next with no recovery. Maximum work in minimum time to ensure you get the most out of this training session. Aim to complete 3-5 rounds.


Turkish Get Up
3 reps

Laying on the floor with your right arm up in the air and right knee bent, drive off your right heel and your left hand, roll across your body and sit up, keeping you eyes on your hand. Pushing off these points, elevate your hips to create space for your left leg to tuck under your body, finishing in the bottom of a lunge position. Maintaining eye contact with your top hand, stand up – this is the end of the movement. You now need to reverse this process to get back to the ground.

Squat Single Arm Overhead
3 reps

Sit down into a deep squat position, from here rotate through the upper back and reach one hand upwards. Breath into this position before changing sides, once you have performed this on both sides, stand up and repeat.


A1: Double Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift
10 reps

Stand over two kettlebells with your feet slightly wider than hip width and your toes pointed outwards. Sit your hips back and hinge forward from the hips grabbing onto both kettlebells, pushing the floor away from your stand up maintaining the natural curve in your lower back.

A2: Double Kettlebell Clean
10 reps

Keeping your feet together and flat on the floor, start with your arms tucked into your body and your thumbs resting against your chest. Lower your body until your arms are fully extended and your palms are facing up before returning to the start position.

A3: Double Kettlebell Squat
10 reps

Position the kettlebells in front of the body in what is known as the rack position. Keep your elbows tucked into your torso and drop your hips down into the deepest position you can sit into.

A4: Double Kettlebell Press
10 reps

With the kettlebells in the rack position, tuck your hips under to ensure there is no excessive arching in the lower back. Create tension by gripping hard onto the kettlebells and forcefully press them overhead.

A5: Double Kettlebell Snatch (optional)
10 reps

Very similar to the clean technique previously discussed, the main different being the kettlebells don’t finish in the rack position, they finish overhead. Use the hips and glutes to do the majority of the work and allow the kettlebell to roll around the outside of your wrist, finishing in the overhead position. If you find the bell banging against your wrist we recommend speaking to a trainer for some advice as this is an advanced technique. You may want to try one kettlebell at a time if you are inexperienced in this movement.


Supine Foam Roller Lie
5 minute hold

Placing the foam roller along the spine allow your chest to open up, reversing any possible rounding caused by sitting at work stations for a long period of time. Stay here for as long as you have time – you won’t regret it!


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