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  • stephen

    What do you do when your knees can not walk in sand . I was involved in a motorcycle accident which totally crushed my left side . I go to Fitness First as many times as i can .

  • Susan Beth

    Great read! If an overweight person wanted to get into running, then I can see how this type would be best as, like you mentioned, it’s a softer surface – so it’d be a lot easier on the joints.

    Are there any success stories of overweight individuals trying this workout?

    I’d love to know!

    • FitnessFirstAU

      Hi Susan, I have two great stories – the first is a female client of mine, aged 35 and starting at 96kg. She found the impact of the treadmill and concrete too much for her joints so running on hard sand and progressing into soft sand was instrumental in beginning her journey to a 20kg weight loss (to date). The second was another female client starting at 110kg. We again used this method in conjunction with the elliptical machine and weights in the gym to not only assist in losing well over 25kg, but as a stepping stone to completing the City2Surf. A monumental achievement that changed her self perception dramatically. Hope this helps! Jonny.

      • Susan Beth

        Those are awesome stories – thanks for sharing!

        It gives me some motivation for my own exercise plan :D