Beyond the purely physical

Tuesday, September 6, 2016, In How Fit Feels by

The end is in sight, so I am feeling better than I have in a while – I am optimistic now about getting back into training.

I have received this extra time, which some would think would be great but I have simply filled it with work. Overworked and under exercised…. Seems like a very common thing we hear, reminds me how important it is to protect your time for those things you deem important.

I miss the feeling of satisfaction after a good workout, knowing that I have done something of benefit for my body – and I also miss the ‘pump’ feeling you get from strength training.

For me, exercise brings satisfaction, confidence, mental toughness and a feeling of pride that you are looking after your body so you can take on other things in your life. Of course we all want to look good and that is part of exercise as well but beyond the purely physical is a river of other things that exercise provides.

I recently was playing with my young Goddaughter and I ended up carrying her for an extended period of time, I woke up the next morning with muscle soreness in one of my arms, this road back is going to be long and painful!

I am not good without exercise, I get edgy and frustrated, more at myself than other people really but I just get cloudy. For example I am typing this at the end of my day and I keep making typing errors, it’s like I have lost intelligence as well.

What do you think?