Mick - 4 weeks


Thursday, August 11, 2016, In How Fit Feels by

I feel terrible, flat, irritable, I’ve got headaches and back pain. I had to visit my Chiro as I sensed this area seizing which it has, and partly due to lack of movement.

Coping much worse, the first 4 weeks were manageable but this last period I’ve found physically and mentally really hard, I’m always talking about fitness which makes it worse and at times I almost feel fraud-like.

I’m amazed how bad the last few weeks in particular have been.

The back pain has crept up on me and was unexpected, I guess if you don’t move your body through various ranges of motion it makes sense that it will shut down.

My inability to move and challenge my body is frustrating, I feel like it’s simply decaying.

What do you think?