Getting in and doing something

Monday, July 18, 2016, In How Fit Feels by

When I first found out I was participating in a 3 month fitness campaign I was a little nervous to say the least. It was exciting and overwhelming all at the same time, as I had not done proper exercise for a number of years.

When I was given my BioScore I was a little bit angry at myself as I didn’t think I was that unfit. When it came time to doing my first ever work out it felt good to get in and do something. I could feel a change within myself in regards to having more energy and not feeling so lethargic.

There’s been some hard days where I’d feel like doing anything but forcing myself to get up and go but feeling better about myself within my own mind and body shows how much of a difference exercise does make.

I can see changes in my physical appearance as well as my mental state as I feel happier and want to do more and I hope that over the next 3 months I see more changes.

What do you think?