Tuesday, September 6, 2016, In How Fit Feels by

I’m feeling physically great.

Fitness has changed my life in ways I thought it wouldn’t! I feel more confident and comfortable within myself and the way my body looks. Mentally it’s made me a happier person, with a clear thought pattern. Being a mum, everything seems to get jumbled up and you become a mess of thoughts but now I’m clear with the direction I want to go with my family and life.

I love the way exercise makes me feel after a workout – you feel more motivated for your day and level-headed!

Most people will probably say I’m crazy but I love to row. Probably because it makes me warm the quickest and I can get stuck into my workout.

I’ve recently created the hashtag #mumbodi for mums that love their new body!

When you become a mum and you experience childbirth you know your body will never be what it was and this is ok. It takes time to love your new body… Well it has been hard for me to love my new body.

Whether it’s scars, stretch marks, loose skin, bigger feet, bigger nipples, unexplained hair growth or wider hips we have to except the changes to our bodies and love them, because these changes have created life and what a beautiful life he/she is!

I’m a big believer of having to love yourself first before you can let love in. I see so many mums struggle with mental health issues and I feel mums reaching out to other mums and getting involved with fitness is the greatest gift you could give! This is what #mumbodi is! Mum love!

The moment I did the zip up on my skinny jeans was the biggest victory so far!! I am so happy with my weight loss and the strength I have now!

What do you think?