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My grandson is my inspiration

Tuesday, September 6, 2016, In How Fit Feels by

As I sat breathless in the change room I pondered what my trainer meant when he said we’re going to go harder this week. It isn’t easy training but it is amazing! I caught myself in the mirror this morning and I liked what I saw – the thought of summer crossed my mind.

Mentally things have shifted for me, I’m up at dawn heading off to the gym… this is coming from a girl who used to live on champagne and canapés.

My energy is stronger and I now train early morning before work.

I still have my moments of anxiety when I’m walking towards the gym wondering what we will be doing. The preacher curl is a treat, it is so tough to lift that bar but the results are incredible. Get your guns out!

Little Banjo (my grandson) is my inspiration to get fit. It is a joy when he runs towards me and I can lift him up without fear of hurting my back. I have had friends comment on my posture being different. When I’m sitting down I sit with a straight back now it feels strong and centred.

What do you think?