MICHAEL Episode 2


Thursday, August 11, 2016, In How Fit Feels by

I’m feeling really good and am happy with my progress so far. I’m fitter and I can see changes happening physically.

The addition of fitness in my routine makes my weeks go faster and has made me more productive on a whole.

I’ve been watching what I’m eating a lot more because I know how hard you have to work to burn it off.

Some weeks are harder than others due to things that come up or being tired but on a whole I’m more motivated than I’ve ever been because I’m liking the gym.

Watching what I’m eating is the hardest part. My goal is 100kg and I’m slowly getting there. My physical appearance has changed, I’m starting to get fitter and more toned.

I’m a lot happier within myself and around my friends because they are starting to notice changes and are encouraging me to keep going.

It feels good to be more active and happier within myself.

What do you think?