Thursday, August 11, 2016, In How Fit Feels by

Feeling amazing!

Yes I’m enjoying the addition of fitness to my weekly routine, I am now training before work which is a real shift for me.

No new goals at present though planning a summer holiday with my new body.

The hardest part for me is overcoming feeling anxious about training and managing the sore muscles that come with exercising.

Physically I have noticed a difference in the way I move when walking, my thighs are much stronger. I’m bending over with ease and I can feel my core is getting stronger. I also have muscle tone on my arms, which I’ve been showing off.

Burning calories is a new thing for me so I’m very interested in how it works, the activity tracking is fascinating. It’s a great tool for understanding your body. I thought walking everyday was going to be enough for me but after tracking myself I realise it’s not.

Yes, people are really surprised when I tell them what I’m doing. They all say “but you’re fit already aren’t you?”

“Skinny is not fit” is my new tag line.

What do you think?