NARDIA - Episode 2


Thursday, August 11, 2016, In How Fit Feels by

I have been extremely tired and am lacking in energy. It has gotten worse since last time.

It sucks – I am experiencing pain in my lower back and sciatic like pain in my leg – this is a direct result of not doing any strength training or mobilisation work. My overall productivity continues to decrease and I am more easily distracted.

It has been difficult trying to manage my emotional state – it is exhausting having to consciously try and be positive all the time.

New things I’ve been experiencing: my pre-menstrual symptoms have worsened considerably both physically and emotionally, in addition my craving for chocolate has intensified (which I never really get).

I am finding myself operating like I am under a blanket of fog. But what I REALLY miss is the social aspect of working out!

There is a camaraderie that is built when you are working out with someone; you share a common goal, you share each other’s pain and struggles. There is someone there to motivate you and in return you do the same.

So yeah I miss hanging with my workout buddy …. :(

So many people have said to me ‘wow, what have you been doing with the extra time?’
My answer: nothing.

Here’s the weird/cruel thing – I do have more time on my hands, and you would think that I would be using it productively but I’m NOT because I can’t be f%&ked!

There is a direct correlation between my new-found ‘I can’t be bothered’ state and not exercising.

What do you think?

  • FitnessFirstAU

    Thanks for sharing your story with us Christine. We believe it’s important to focus on how fitness makes us feel, rather than the way it makes us look. We’re so glad to hear you’re getting back into exercise – all the best for a speedy recovery! FF