What do you think?

  • Henry

    couldn’t disagree with this post.

    1. Skipping meals does not matter, if you have a busy working day and only have time for breakfast, lunch and dinner then your meals should be larger to make sure you are eating enough.

    2. Actually counting calories is probably the best way to get results.

    3. Don’t schedule cheat days, incorporate them into your daily diet if need me. Have a doughnut or a chocolate bar just don’t over indulge and perhaps take the calories out of your next meal…win/win!

    At the end of the day dieting works differently for everyone. keep trying new things. Stick to one for around 12 weeks and if it works great go and try something else.

    I’m a huge believer in tracking calories and not following a stupid 1000 calories diet. Follow science and do your research.