I just love AcroYoga. It opens the door to curiosity, trust and play – combining the whimsical elements of acrobatics and the grounded aspects of yoga asana (posture). I liken it learning how to fly with friends. Exploring gravity and body weight to play with shapes and movement. PLAY LIKE KIDS Find your inner child! […]

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I tried Hot Yoga once upon a time. It was HOT and oh boy was it uncomfortable. Take a 33 degree room, add 60 sweaty bodies, and I may as well have been lying on the sun itself. My yoga mat resembled a Slip n’ Slide and I was envious of my neighbour’s very practical […]

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We all take around 20,000 breaths a day, but are we doing it right? There is a right way to breathe, and when we become aware of it, we can reduce stress levels, boost our immunity and completely overhaul our workouts. Considering how crucial it is to our survival, we spend very little time thinking […]

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Good mobility means better, more efficient movement. Having a good range of motion through your joints will not only improve your performance in the gym, but help you function better day to day and minimise the risk of injury. Try this simple test: starting in a standing position, can you sit on the ground and […]

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