Sweating is the body’s natural cooling system, but body odours (BO) and large stains on clothing are an unfortunate by product. Luckily there are plenty of deodorants and antiperspirants to help reduce and eliminate these effects. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Body odour occurs from the bacterial breakdown of sweat. Deodorants work by eliminating or masking this smell, […]

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Going for a run after a big night out, hitting the sauna to lose a few kilograms, or joining a hot yoga class when you feel a cold coming on. These activities may leave you as sweaty as intended, but does sweating really cleanse your system or is it just a big fat myth? There […]

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I tried Hot Yoga once upon a time. It was HOT and oh boy was it uncomfortable. Take a 33 degree room, add 60 sweaty bodies, and I may as well have been lying on the sun itself. My yoga mat resembled a Slip n’ Slide and I was envious of my neighbour’s very practical […]

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Getting serious about working out for the first time can be both exciting and daunting. The gym can be an intimidating place! Read on for some tips to help take the worry out of working out for the first time. WHAT TO BRING Before you head out the door, pack a bag of essentials. Bring […]

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