Generally speaking, bloating occurs when the normal flow of gas (produced in the gut after we eat or drink) gets trapped, resulting in distention and discomfort. Here are five speedy strategies to put an end to puffiness. SLOW DOWN Wolfing food down too fast results in swallowing air, which ends up getting traps in the […]

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The foods we eat can dramatically affect how much and how well we sleep. Some foods and beverages calm and relax, while some stimulate the nervous system, keeping you up all night. 1. CARBOHYDRATES Eating carbs increases the level of tryptophan in your blood, which the body converts into serotonin – a sleep-inducing brain chemical […]

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It’s on every dining table, we sprinkle it on our food and it’s lurking in just about every packaged food. While it’s no news flash these tiny white crystals impact almost everything from water retention, brittle bones to blood pressure, you may be wondering how you can avoid the stuff. Here are 5 ways. EAT […]

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No one likes headaches. If you’re a regular sufferer, you will know the severe and debilitating pain all too well. Next time you go to pop a painkiller, consider these solutions to find relief, naturally. DRINK UP Headaches are one of the symptoms of dehydration. Some experts believe that a dehydration headache occurs as a […]

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