Our skeletal system is a unique, complex and amazing structure. Most of us have 206 bones in total, although a small number of people have an extra rib and others have an extra bone or two in their hands or feet. Our skeleton is also extremely efficient, despite supporting the weight of our entire body. […]

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We all know running is a great cardio workout and improves your general fitness, but did you know science has proven it can add years to your life? There are many less commonly known health benefits of running, here are just a few: 1. LIVE LONGER According to a 2014 study published in the journal […]

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Do you experience back pain when sitting or standing? Bending or lifting? Or maybe walking or running? There are many causes, but thankfully most types of back pain can be relieved and treated with the right advice, the right treatment and these essential stretches. While stretching is important, sometimes it can only provide temporary relief […]

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Does the thought of spring make you want to sneeze? Don’t let your workouts take a hiatus due to hay fever; science suggests exercise might help relieve your symptoms. As the winter chills subside some of us start to dread the season ahead. Spring and summer bring beautiful blooms and sunny weather, but also increased […]

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