Most successful people share one thing in common: a lot of hard work. In the words of American inventor Thomas Edison, “success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” If you’re climbing your way to the top, you’ll relate to the challenges of long days and wavering minds. Given the average person has an attention span of […]

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You’ve heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal, helping to kickstart your metabolism, stabilise blood sugar levels and reduces the chance of making poor food choices throughout the rest of the day. But with our demanding lives we often find ourselves scratching our heads to think of quick and healthy bite to eat. […]

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Lack of sleep is not just bad for your concentration, but can lead to a cascade of problems that range from bad skin to weight gain. Sleep is a highly active process during which the day’s events are processed and restoration occurs. We cycle between two stages: rapid eye movement (REM) and slow-wave (non-REM). During […]

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Stress, tension, worry, panic – everyone could say they’ve experienced some form of anxiety in some way, shape or form. Shockingly, anxiety disorders now affect 40 million adults worldwide. As a result, scientists are trying to determine the best way to treat this mental health disorder. The verdict? One of the most effective treatments can be […]

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