Want more muscle tone? Hitting the weights is a given, but what you put into your mouth counts just as much. Check out these top muscle building foods. HOW DO MUSCLES GROW First it’s important to understand the basics behind muscle growth. Every time you curl or press, you’re actually breaking down your muscle fibres, […]

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To shake or not to shake? Flip through any fitness magazine or take a step inside most gyms and you’ll notice that protein supplements and exercise seem to go hand in hand. It’s true that protein is essential for muscle growth and recovery, with protein powders being a quick and convenient source. But who needs […]

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Losing fat is the number one reason people get on the fitness wagon. But with so much misinformation out there it can be hard to know for sure whether your workout is burning fat, or just burning your time. Chances are if you’ve tried to shift stubborn fat before, you’ve probably heard one of these […]

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Stuck on healthy breakfast ideas? Give this delicious and filling Pumpkin and Feta Breakfast Frittata a try. It’s packed with protein, and can be served with a slice of wholegrain sourdough to make it a great pre or post workout meal. Serves 1. Each serve contains 1513 kJ, 16g carbs, 23g protein, 22g fat, 5g fibre. […]

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