Feel a winter cold coming on? Can’t shake your cough? Don’t sweat it – these immune boosting foods are star defence players in your diet. GARLIC Not only does garlic score big for its antibacterial and antiviral traits, it also hosts a naturally-occurring chemical called allicin which is capable of killing off harmful bacteria and […]

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Going for a run after a big night out, hitting the sauna to lose a few kilograms, or joining a hot yoga class when you feel a cold coming on. These activities may leave you as sweaty as intended, but does sweating really cleanse your system or is it just a big fat myth? There […]

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Does the thought of spring make you want to sneeze? Don’t let your workouts take a hiatus due to hay fever; science suggests exercise might help relieve your symptoms. As the winter chills subside some of us start to dread the season ahead. Spring and summer bring beautiful blooms and sunny weather, but also increased […]

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We all take around 20,000 breaths a day, but are we doing it right? There is a right way to breathe, and when we become aware of it, we can reduce stress levels, boost our immunity and completely overhaul our workouts. Considering how crucial it is to our survival, we spend very little time thinking […]

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The term ‘weight loss’ can often be found at the top of a New Years resolution list, it’s referenced in at least 233 million Google search hits and sells billions of dollars worth of products and services every single year. It also happens to be arguably one of the most misleading statements in the fitness […]

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