For years gym users have been pounding treadmills and ascending steppers only to have their workout data vanish as soon as they hopped off their beloved machine. At the end of a session there’d be a sea of cardio-lovers standing patiently reading through their key data and metrics, only to lose that information as soon as we departed for the weights area. Aside […]

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Whether you’re a sprinter or play a sport that requires you to move quickly across a court or field, improving your explosive strength will improve you as an athlete. The measure of explosive strength is known as your rate of force development (RFD) – that’s how quickly you can produce force. An athlete that can […]

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Wearable tech is set to be one of the biggest fitness trends in 2016, with new watches and wristbands helping us stay healthy. You can track all kinds of things – steps, distance, pace, calorie burn, even your sleep patterns. But with so much data available, getting started and sticking with it can be pretty […]

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Exercise can hurt, particularly if you’ve been out of action for a while. While gritting your teeth and repeating the mantra ‘no pain, no gain’ might get you so far, using your big human cerebrum might just get you the rest of the way.      1. FIND YOUR ‘WHY’, ‘WHAT’ AND ‘HOW’ Think. To […]

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