This flu-fighting soba noodle soup will give you maximum protection against the bugs before they can really take hold. It’s made with shitake mushrooms, which contain lentinan – an active compound capable of fighting various infections. Protein-rich chicken also tames the tummy rumbles and contains vitamins A and magnesium, known to build a strong immune […]

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Feel a winter cold coming on? Can’t shake your cough? Don’t sweat it – these immune boosting foods are star defence players in your diet. GARLIC Not only does garlic score big for its antibacterial and antiviral traits, it also hosts a naturally-occurring chemical called allicin which is capable of killing off harmful bacteria and […]

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Does the thought of spring make you want to sneeze? Don’t let your workouts take a hiatus due to hay fever; science suggests exercise might help relieve your symptoms. As the winter chills subside some of us start to dread the season ahead. Spring and summer bring beautiful blooms and sunny weather, but also increased […]

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There’s just something about the comfort that food brings us in winter. If you find it hard to resist the munchies on a cold night, you’re not alone. But why do we tend to eat more in colder temperatures? Many experts believe it’s a biological human behaviour, so it may just be inevitable.There are plenty […]

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In the quest for longevity, what’s on your plate matters more than you think. Add years to your life by adding these anti-ageing foods to your diet.   BRAIN BOOSTER: OLIVE OIL The human brain is approximately 60% fat so it makes sense that the type of fat in your diet plays an important role […]

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