Exercise can hurt, particularly if you’ve been out of action for a while. While gritting your teeth and repeating the mantra ‘no pain, no gain’ might get you so far, using your big human cerebrum might just get you the rest of the way.      1. FIND YOUR ‘WHY’, ‘WHAT’ AND ‘HOW’ Think. To […]

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Sticking to a regular exercise routine can be challenging. Many people struggle to make it to the gym or lose motivation along the way with a long list of excuses that inevitably involve time and schedule clashes. Here are six common excuses and fool-proof way to bust them for good.   1. “I’m bombarded with […]

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They say it can take between 21 and 66 days to turn a new behaviour into an automatic pattern, however motivation is what gets this process started. Here are five motivation hacks to help spur on your efforts and reach your health and fitness goals. MAKE IT EASY FOR YOURSELF Making healthy habits as easy […]

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If you feel like your workouts are more ho-hum than hardcore, here are a few ways to regain your fitness mojo. TAKE A BREAK This may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes a break from the daily grind is exactly what your body (and mind) needs. Take a week off from any intense training and focus on […]

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Do you start the year with great intentions and resolutions, only to be back to your normal ways a month later? Let 2016 be the year you start and follow through on your goals by avoiding these common pitfalls: ACTIONS VS. OUTCOMES Running a 5k, losing 5kg or maybe even changing your career are all […]

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If there’s one thing most of us have over the Christmas break, it’s time. And given a ‘lack of time’ is one of the largest barriers to fitness, there’s really no excuse to stay active on holidays. It doesn’t have to mean sweating it out in the gym. Get outdoors, make the most of the […]

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So easy to make and no baking required, these raw bliss balls make a great portable power snack for a long work out. Makes roughly 20 balls. Approx 773 kJ per serve. Gluten and wheat free. Ingredients 2 cups dried figs 1 cup dried apricot ½ cup dried cranberries ¾ cup pistachios (optional) – use […]

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Why do some people manage to say no to that extra slice of cake, yet others can’t resist? It’s important to understand the difference between hunger and appetite to help you keep a more balanced attitude toward food and eating. NEED VERSUS DESIRE We eat for two main reasons: hunger and appetite. Yet the practical […]

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