We all know there are many benefits to exercising. It gives us more energy, it’s great for our health, and it’s key in maintaining a healthy weight. When we think of exercise we often think of all-out, high intensity running, cycling or sports and aerobics. But it might surprise you to learn that one of […]

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You’ve probably heard the expression ‘everybody has to start somewhere’ and I’m here to tell you, it couldn’t be truer. There really is a first time for everything and your first time trying something new in the gym, like a group fitness class, can be a nerve-wracking experience. Every single person there has been the […]

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Feeling tired? Hitting a wall after lunch? Need more energy? Juggling the demands of modern life can lead to poor choices that zap us of much-needed energy. Put a spring in to your step with these seven health-boosting tips. EAT A RAINBOW Before you reach for the A-Z of supplements, instead turn to the rainbow […]

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Do you experience back pain when sitting or standing? Bending or lifting? Or maybe walking or running? There are many causes, but thankfully most types of back pain can be relieved and treated with the right advice, the right treatment and these essential stretches. While stretching is important, sometimes it can only provide temporary relief […]

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