Also known as medial tibial stress syndrome, ‘shin splints’ refers to the pain you get along the front of your shin anywhere between the knee and ankle. It can range from a mild ache to debilitating pain that may derail your workout efforts. But don’t let this common running conundrum stop you in your tracks.The best […]

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We’ve all heard the excuse before, or maybe even used it ourselves; “I can’t train today, I have a dodgy knee”. Knee pain is a fairly common problem – it can range from a light ache or painful tightness, to a sharp catch or inflammation after exercising. The pain can be experienced in the front […]

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We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful scenic running trails in Australia. There is really no better place in the world than our coastal stretches, loops around lakes and bushland trails shared with native wildlife. Explore ones of these popular scenic routes along the Eastern seaboard, as voted by our very own Fitness […]

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Foam rolling is a great way to alleviate tension in your muscles that may hinder your movement or performance. Over time, the connective tissue between our muscles gets taut and becomes knotted which reduces blood flow and limits movement. This can be caused by a number of factors such as poor posture, overtraining or poor […]

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