You know the one — he’s the type of dad who would keep a diary just to keep track of marathons and his fitness schedule and loves nothing more than to spend his weekends being active (in and outside the gym). If this sounds like your dad, then you’d know buying him a mug and […]

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Whether you’re a sprinter or play a sport that requires you to move quickly across a court or field, improving your explosive strength will improve you as an athlete. The measure of explosive strength is known as your rate of force development (RFD) – that’s how quickly you can produce force. An athlete that can […]

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Losing fat is the number one reason people get on the fitness wagon. But with so much misinformation out there it can be hard to know for sure whether your workout is burning fat, or just burning your time. Chances are if you’ve tried to shift stubborn fat before, you’ve probably heard one of these […]

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The term ‘weight loss’ can often be found at the top of a New Years resolution list, it’s referenced in at least 233 million Google search hits and sells billions of dollars worth of products and services every single year. It also happens to be arguably one of the most misleading statements in the fitness […]

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Want more muscle tone? Hitting the weights is a given, but what you put into your mouth counts just as much. Check out these top muscle building foods. HOW DO MUSCLES GROW First it’s important to understand the basics behind muscle growth. Every time you curl or press, you’re actually breaking down your muscle fibres, […]

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