When it comes to training our body, one of the most misunderstood areas is how to  prepare it to deal with the stress its about to endure. As a trainer I see many people starting their workouts with a very minimal or inappropriate warm up, if any at all. Recently I asked Fitness First members […]

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Whether you can’t start your day without a morning run, or you prefer to burn off some steam at the end of the day, any exercise is better than no exercise at all. Everyone has their own theories and preferences, but ultimately when you choose to train depends on your goals. So I like to […]

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Want more muscle tone? Hitting the weights is a given, but what you put into your mouth counts just as much. Check out these top muscle building foods. HOW DO MUSCLES GROW First it’s important to understand the basics behind muscle growth. Every time you curl or press, you’re actually breaking down your muscle fibres, […]

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With every decade our bodies change, and so should the way we stay active. We may not have the vigor and vitality of our 20s by the time we reach 40, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the proven benefits of exercise at every age.   FITNESS IN YOUR 20s Take a look in […]

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