Starting a new fitness program? It’s always good to learn where you stand before you set out. Here’s a quick and easy circuit you can try at home or in the gym to test your current fitness level. We recommend re-testing every six weeks to see how far you’ve come!  You have 10 minutes to […]

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Every year, we say we won’t indulge … but those delicious eggs and bunnies beckon. Before we know it, there’s a colourful pile of foil on our lap and a cloud of guilt in our minds. To banish the guilt, personal trainer Brianna from Fitness First Bond St (Sydney CBD) has designed this 30 minute […]

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If you’ve ever consciously decided to lose weight, you’ll know that “eat healthy and exercise” isn’t as simple as it sounds. From distracting food cravings, gnawing hunger to deciding what to eat, these five hacks will help you stay focused, make balanced choices and get the results you desire. PILE ON THE VEG You already […]

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The term ‘weight loss’ can often be found at the top of a New Years resolution list, it’s referenced in at least 233 million Google search hits and sells billions of dollars worth of products and services every single year. It also happens to be arguably one of the most misleading statements in the fitness […]

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When it comes to fighting the flab, there are more players in the game than just diet, exercise and self-control. Numerous hormones are at play. Get to know the four most influential hormones that are crucial to slimming down – and how to make them work to your advantage. HUNGER HORMONES: GHRELIN AND LEPTIN Two […]

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Losing fat is the number one reason people get on the fitness wagon. But with so much misinformation out there it can be hard to know for sure whether your workout is burning fat, or just burning your time. Chances are if you’ve tried to shift stubborn fat before, you’ve probably heard one of these […]

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Is stress taking a toll on your body? The signs of stress are not always obvious, so it’s important to watch for these warnings. 1. YOU HAVE A SWEET TOOTH Persistent stress triggers the adrenal glands to work overtime pumping out stress hormones, which in turn ramps up our appetite, making you more likely to […]

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Want to eat bananas instead of bacon in the morning? Train for that half marathon? Or prioritise your finances instead of spending ad hoc? All of these tasks require a lot of self-control, and there are some important things you need to know about willpower. 1. WILLPOWER IS A MIND-BODY RESPONSE You may have heard […]

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